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Sri Aurobindo Says “The whole aim of our great Indian Culture

To lift man up….

To lead him knowledge

To teach him to live by reason by law of beauty and harmony, by some high law of spiritual & beauty. The culture of ancient India is the highest because it includes all these aims and surpasses all the others. This attempt ennobles us and our success is a great contribution to the future possibilities of the human being. Environmental education goes beyond beautiful trees and exotic life.

Why do children think Nature is in the countryside? The same sunshine’s in the city.

They must be taught to observe changes around them, find out if its restoration or degrade of our earth.

Health - Jan Aushadhi Stores & Health Camps

NEED FOUNDATION TRUST Runs JAN AUSHADHI Stores at Perumalpuram, Palayamkottai, Kulavanigarpuram.

In Tamil Nadu, 48.75% of the households are inhabited by scheduled casts and tribes, who, as socially and economically vulnerable people, are more concerned by these health problems. These poor health outcomes can only be the result of poor performance of the primary healthcare service and the fact that the Government is working to improve the situation does not mean that vulnerable people have to wait to get access to medical assistance. Indeed, as it is o possible to amelion the health system in one day, we Need Foundation consider that it is our job, as an NGO that care’s for people well being to provide some medical assistance to the needy, minimizing the consequences and pending the system to get better.

Education - Career Guidance

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man

– Swami Vivekananda

Human mind is born within limitless potential and education is a tool that enables utilization of this potential towards evolution of thought and philosophy towards life on earth. The world has shrunk into a global village with the advent of technologies. The prevailing educational system is one of the key problems faced by the colleges. Examinations no more evaluate the intelligence of the students but it is a test of memory. Thus students with high but bad communication skills get into the best colleges irrespective of their knowledge and aptitude.

• Goal Setting

• Personality Test

• Psychometric Test

• Personality Test

• Interview Skills

• Power Dressing

• Time Management


Need Foundation venture into the field of Entrepreneurship is with an objective to make more Job creators than Job Seekers. Need believes in Value implementation and consciousness approach in every activity it undertook. Need since its inception in 2005 is constantly thriving to make youth as Job creators and Wealth generators. Having trained 20000+ Students across 40 institutions, we possess high level of experience and expertise.

Employment generation system was not in a position to absorb the graduates passing out from the Universities leading to increase in educated unemployed, year after year.

“This system will lead to instability in the social structure. We need education integrated with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

– Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Former President of India.


‘An Informative Neighbourhood Newspaper’

Nellai Connect owned by Need Foundation is Neighbourhood Newspaper or Community Newspaper. Nellai Connect, Community * journalism is locally oriented, professional news coverage that typically focuses on local news, rather than state, national or world news. It’s a Informative Neighbourhood Newspaper, with a circulation of 24000 Copies in & around / Tirunelveli. It’s a Bi-monthly Newspapey publishes on 1″ Sunday & 3″ Sunday.

Awareness about Smart City

Planning of Smart Cities envisages transforming urban System efficient, cost effective, sustainable using modern technology. It needs innovative collaboration to improve quality of life and help grow national economy. Smart cities envision a connected future wherein the city’s energy, water, waste and transportation infrastructure are made efficient by communicating each other and its uses in real time.

With a view to discuss the various aspects of planning smart st cities and related challenges a Awareness programme is regularly organized by ‘Nellai Connect’

The Awareness aims to provide a platform to the planners, architect’s researchers, students and policy makers re to deliberate on the various models for smart cities. In the Awareness programme Citizens, Local bodies from Government, Institutes, Universities Resident Associations and other related fields will share their views.